Currently, about 5M Sri Lankans require food assistance. According to recent surveys, 86% (Eighty-Six percent) of households utilize at least one coping mechanism, such as limiting food intake or skipping meals. (UN REPORT) Because food prices have risen by more than 60%, the items you purchased for Rs.1,000 are no longer worth Rs.1600 or more.

Community kitchen

Currently, the voice community kitchen is operating in six different locations across Sri Lanka supporting 1200 meals daily.

The links to WhatsApp groups are below if you want to volunteer or donate for a meal or if you need to reach a coordinator for any clarifications; (click the link)

Community kitchens

  1. Kadawatha (50 meals per day) – 077233 6745
  2. Batticlaoa (100 meals per -day) – 077401 0688‬
  3. Jaffna (100 meals per day) – 0779792156
  4. St Maryis school – Colpity (150 meals per day) +94 (77) 881 0560
  5. Negombo (150 meals per day) – 077618 2930
  6. Rajagiriya (200 meals per day) – 0772512374
  7. Kilinocchi -– (100 meals per day) 077233 6759
  8. Maskeliya -– (100 meals per day)
  9. Matara – pattigala school (300 meals per day) – 0703125363

COST PER MEAL is Rs 200/- Any donation of any amount would go a long way in feeding the people who need it the most. PLEASE NOTE that this is NOT a group that is driven by a hidden political or religious or any other movement. The intentions are clear – FEED THE HUNGRY and BE THERE FOR THEM.

Please get in touch with Akash through WhatsApp +940772512374 to donate and support this worthy cause, and together, let’s work to end hunger one step at a time

For more information;

Sri Lanka faces food shortages as prices and unemployment soar


Bank Details:

Bank Details:

Voice Foundation
National Development Bank
REF – CK / location / by who

Please WhatsApp your donation slips to Mrs. Aruni at +94 (77) 320 6501 if you need a receipt for your donation.

Voice foundation is a government-registered charity –

What is Community Kitchen?

Community Kitchen is a group of people who regularly gets together to plan, cook and share healthy, affordable meals. Everybody is welcome to join Community Kitchen Groups which can be run in any location with a kitchen (including churches, schools, neighborhood houses, community health services, workplaces, Men’s Sheds and etc.).

There is no ‘one way’ or ‘right way’ to operate Community Kitchen. However, there are a few key features that are essential as they allow groups to bypass strict food safety legislation and ensure an empowerment and capacity-building model (rather than a welfare model) is followed.

Essential features:

  • Held on a regular basis (usually weekly or fortnightly)
  • It is participant-driven, and all participants are actively involved in the planning, preparation, and cooking food
  • Prepared Food is shared among participants/members of their household (meals are not given away or sold)

Benefits of a Community Kitchen

There are many benefits to Community Kitchens including

  • Increase access to healthy meals
  • Help the community to develop life skills such as growing of fresh food, budgeting, meal planning, cooking and social skills
  • Support members of the community to connect and start new friendships

How you can support

  1. Lead
  2. volunteer (Cook, Serve etc.)
  3. Administrative work
  4. Donate (Financially and with Food)

For more information contact us