Sri Lanka faces food shortages as prices and unemployment soar

Many people in Sri Lanka are going hungry as prices and unemployment soar and essentials are in short supply. The country is experiencing its worst economic crisis since independence from Britain more than 70 years ago. Al Jazeera’s @Minelle Fernandez reports from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Community Kitchens by Pulse LK

Did you know that 86% of households have cut down their food consumption or skip meals to endure the crisis?

IN FOCUS: ‘I have great fear’ – despair and anger as Sri Lanka plunges deeper into crisis

The country is officially in default after failing to make debt interest payments last month. Its dwindling foreign currency has crippled the economy, disrupted imports and led to shortages of food, fuel and other essentials.

Community kitchens step up in spite of hurdles

Large pots filled with boiled vegetables and steaming rice are a common sight in some areas in and around Colombo. These are the community kitchens providing some kind of nourishing meal to the needy as the country’s economic woes worsen.

Community Kitchens by Roar LK

“Once we had an uncle who told us that it was his second plate of rice after four months. Another one said he had a piece of chicken after three months,”

Sri Lanka’s collapse leaves ordinary people unable to find gas to cook and students without lessons

Following months of food, fuel, and electricity shortages in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe announced last week to Parliament that Sri Lanka had become a completely “collapsed” economy and is now facing the threat of hitting “rock bottom”.

A soup kitchen opens in Colombo to cope with hunger caused by the economic crisis

Due to the situation, many Sri Lankans can no longer afford even one meal a day. Between 600 and 700 people show up at the community kitchen run by Rev Geeth Chamara De Silva.

BBC – Sri Lanka: ‘I can’t afford milk for my babies’

The smell hits you first – freshly cooked rice, lentils and spinach, served in ladles from steaming pots.
Dozens of families – including mothers with babies – are lined up with plates to get a serving of what will likely be their only meal for the day.

Voice for the Voiceless Foundation: Empowering the marginalised

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of What the world needs now is love, sweet love, No not just for some but for everyone

Voice Walk on Sirasa TV News

Voice Walk on Sirasa TV News

Fresh initiatives to tackle child abuse following Voice Walk 2016

Voice Walk 2016 was successfully carried out for the fourth consecutive year to raise awareness on child abuse. Organised by Voice Foundation, the walk took place from Independence Square to Vihara Maha Devi Park recently, with 38 organisations participating.

Voice Walk by Maubuma

Voice Walk by Maubuma

A voice against child abuse

A voice against child abuse by Children

Voice of Violence Oppressing & Injustice

Article about Voice of Violence Oppressing & Injustice at Look Event

VforV Foundation continues to support April 21 victims

The deadly terror attacks, on Easter Sunday not only took away many lives but it also left many people devastated with the sudden loss of their loved ones. At the onset of the attacks, the Voice for Voiceless Foundation, a non-profit initiative founded by Moses Akash De Silva came forward to help those victimised by the incident.

Easter Attacks – 3 Months On

April 21 is a date that will remain in the hearts of all Sri Lankans. The deadly terror attacks, on Easter Sunday not only took away many lives but it also left many people devastated with the sudden loss of their loved ones. Life Online visited the the little town of Katuwapitiya to listen to some of victims’ stories.

Caring and snaring in the name of fostering

Every child born to this world has a mother and a father. But not every mother and father will be ready to accept their child. Hence, the possibilities are such that a child could be abandoned for the rest of its life, sometimes at a tender age.

Cheering up kids in care homes

Children in care homes often have nothing to remember and never travel further than the orphanage district. To remedy this, an excursion to Leisure World was initiated by Voice Foundation for 70 children from a care home in Kandy on 18 June.

Sorrowful recollections from Katuwapitiya

An unusual silence hovers around Katuwapitiya on an otherwise busy Friday morning. One cannot expect more from a venue that recently witnessed a horrific terror attack.