Voice Community Kitchens

“Nourishing Hope in Times of Crisis: Voice Community Kitchens – Over 250,000 Meals Across 23 Locations in Sri Lanka” projects worth Rs 30+ Million were conducted. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Voice Community Kitchens in Sri Lanka emerged as a lifeline for many, providing over 250,000 meals in 23 locations over the span of 7 months. As the nation grappled with fuel shortages, rising gas prices, and a severe economic crisis, these community kitchens have shone brightly, exemplifying the power of collective action and resilience.

Feeding the Nation Amidst Crisis

Over the past year, Sri Lanka has faced a confluence of crises, from skyrocketing fuel and gas prices to a crippling economic downturn. In this climate of uncertainty, the tireless efforts of Voice Community Kitchens have proven to be a beacon of hope and a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Sri Lankan community.

Serving Across 23 Locations

Voice Community Kitchens strategically extended their reach across 23 locations in Sri Lanka, ensuring that their services were accessible to those who needed them most. From bustling urban areas to remote rural communities, the kitchens played a pivotal role in alleviating hunger and providing support where it was needed most. This widespread presence underscored their commitment to inclusivity and adaptability.

The Heart of Community Support

These kitchens thrived on the support of local businesses and volunteers who joined hands to contribute food, time, and resources. This strong community collaboration showcased the profound impact of grassroots initiatives in addressing crises and creating a resilient society.

A Beacon of Resilience

In a year marked by crisis and adversity, the Voice Community Kitchens in Sri Lanka have not just served meals; they have ignited hope, unity, and collective resilience. Their story serves as a reminder that during challenging times, localized, community-driven initiatives can be a powerful force for change and a source of inspiration. As we reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of Voice Community Kitchens, serving over 250,000 meals in 23 locations for 12 months amidst fuel, gas, and economic crises, we find hope and reassurance in the strength of the human spirit and the capacity of communities to overcome adversity.

Easter Sunday

Title: “Rebuilding Lives of Easter Sunday Bomb Victims in Negombo and Batticaloa, Sri Lanka” The horrific Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019 left deep scars in the hearts of the nation. Among the most affected were the survivors who lost family members and sustained injuries in the attacks. In the aftermath, a wave of support, compassion, and resilience emerged to help these individuals rebuild their lives in Negombo and Batticaloa. Through the provision of medical equipment, housing, medical support, and education, these communities have embarked on a journey to uplift lives and nurture hope.

A Tragedy Remembered: Healing the Wounds

The Easter Sunday bombings, which targeted churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, resulted in tragic loss and devastation. Negombo and Batticaloa were among the hardest-hit areas, and the survivors faced physical injuries and the emotional trauma of losing loved ones. However, what followed was a remarkable testament to human resilience and unity.

Medical Equipment and Support

One of the first steps in the healing process was the provision of medical equipment and support. These communities rallied to provide access to necessary medical supplies and treatments for the survivors. Rehabilitation and medical care became a symbol of hope for the wounded, helping them regain their health and independence. We donated medical equipment to Negombo and Batticaloa Hospitals worth over ONE MILLION Rupees.

Housing and Shelter

Rebuilding lives also meant providing shelter and a sense of security to those who lost their homes or were displaced due to the result of the attacks, being unable to pay their house rents or families with injured members who had fewer or no facilities to keep them under medication at home. Through local and international support, projects were initiated to give these survivors a safe and stable place. Over 130 victims received help in various ways, such as building houses, bathrooms, refurbishing houses, and many more.

Education: The Path to Empowerment

Education emerged as a cornerstone of this recovery process. Many survivors, including children who lost parents in the bombings, were provided with educational opportunities. Scholarships, tuition support, and training programs were established to offer a brighter future and a chance to rebuild their lives with dignity. We sponsored 19 students for 12 months with a total worth of 30+ Million rupees were completed. As these communities continue to uplift lives and nurture hope, they remind us all of the power of compassion and unity in the face of adversity, and that even in the darkest of moments, there is a path to healing and renewal.

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