COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Our COVID-19 Relief Efforts: Nourishing 30,000 Families in Sri Lanka

At Voice Foundation, our commitment to serving our community during these challenging times has never wavered. The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented hardships to Sri Lankan families, leaving many in dire need. We are proud to share the latest update on our relief efforts, which have touched the lives of over 30,000 families by providing essential dry ration packs and cooked meals across Sri Lanka.

The pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods, leading to economic struggles and food insecurity for countless families in Sri Lanka. Our response to this crisis has been unwavering, and we are honored to provide you with an update on our efforts. Our COVID-19 relief operation is built on a foundation of compassion and commitment. Here are some key aspects of our ongoing endeavor:

Dry Ration Packs

We have been diligently distributing dry ration packs, each containing essential food items such as rice, lentils, and canned goods. These provisions are lifelines for families facing food insecurity.

Cooked Meals

We recognize that some families may not have the means to prepare meals. In response, we have been serving hot, nutritious meals, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry.

Geographic Reach

Our relief operation spans across Sri Lanka, reaching urban and rural communities alike. We believe in equal access to support, and our volunteers have tirelessly worked to make this a reality.

Community Engagement

We have actively engaged with local communities to identify and assist families in greatest need. This grassroots approach ensures our aid is directed where it can make the most significant impact.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the donors, volunteers, and supporters who have made this initiative possible. Your generosity and commitment have been instrumental in achieving our mission.
At Voice Foundation, our commitment to serving our community remains unwavering. We believe in the power of collective action and compassion. Together, we have made a tangible difference in the lives of over 30,000 families in Sri Lanka, and we are determined to continue making a positive impact during these challenging times. Thank you for your ongoing support in our mission to create a stronger, more resilient community.