Children Visiting an Airplane

A Dream Come True: Children’s Homes Visit an Airplane Sponsored by Etihad Airways

For many children, a visit to an airport and the inside of an airplane is a dream beyond reach. We believe in making dreams come true. In partnership with Etihad Airways, we organized a heartwarming event where 200 children from five children’s homes in Sri Lanka experienced the joy of an airport visit and a meal inside an actual flight at Bandaranayake International Airport. This update shares the heartwarming story of these children’s unforgettable day.

For 200 children from five different children’s homes, a day at the airport was more than just an outing; it was an opportunity to dream and aspire. The event provided an exciting and educational experience, immersing them in the world of aviation and the magic of flight. Etihad Airways, a global leader in aviation, joined hands with us to make this event possible. Their commitment to community development and creating unforgettable experiences for children aligns perfectly with our mission.

Highlights of the Day

  1. Airport Tour:
    Jetwing Tours, one of the leading tour agencies in Sri Lanka, provided transportation from Colombo to Katunayake in their luxury buses. The children embarked on an airport tour, learning about the various aspects of aviation, from check-in to security to the inner workings of an airport.
  2. Boarding a Real Flight:
    The highlight of the day was the opportunity to board a real Etihad Airways aircraft, where they explored the cabin, cockpit, and even took their seats to watch a cartoon for a few hours.
  3. In-Flight Meal:
    Inside the airplane, the children enjoyed a special in-flight meal sponsored by Hilton Hotel, complete with the experience of dining at 35,000 feet, all while still grounded.

The Impact

Unforgettable Memories: The event left the children with memories that will last a lifetime. It sparked their imagination and instilled a sense of wonder.

Educational Experience: The visit was not just fun; it was an educational journey that introduced the children to the world of aviation and the possibilities it holds.

Aspiring Dreams: For some, the day at the airport inspired dreams of becoming pilots, cabin crew, or working in the aviation industry.

The day spent at Bandaranayake International Airport, thanks to Etihad Airways, was more than just an outing for these children; it was a day of dreams and aspirations. It’s a beautiful reminder that small gestures of kindness can create unforgettable moments in the lives of children who need it most. We are dedicated to continuing to create moments like these, and with your support, we can continue to make dreams come true.

Thank you for being part of this heartwarming journey.