Voice Life Changer

Change one life at a time

Become a life changer by Donating Rs 1000/- per month for Education for underprivileged children. 

Join our mission to provide quality education to children in need. With your monthly donation of just Rs 1000/- you can help us break the cycle of poverty through Education. 

Program Details

Minimum Monthly Donation of Rs 1000/- 

How to Join

Simply click the link below and fill in the required information

Why Rs 1000 a Month Matters

Your monthly donation of Rs 1000/- can make a significant impact over time. It ensures a steady stream of support for our education programs, allowing us to provide resources, teachers, finances and facilities to those who need them most. 

  1. Voice Education Centers
  2. Voice School on Wheels 
  3. Voice Safe House & Preschool 
  4. Voice Education Scholarships


With your help, we can provide:

  1. School supplies and books.
  2. Access to quality teachers and educational programs.
  3. Safe and conducive learning environments.
  4. Hope and opportunities for a brighter future for children who otherwise might not have access to education.
  5. Financial support for those who need assistance.

**Spread the Word:**

Please share our “Life changer” program with your friends and family. Together, we can raise awareness and support more children in their educational journey.

By joining “Life changer ” with your Rs 1000/- monthly donation, you’re becoming an essential part of a movement that empowers children through education and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for making a difference in these children’s lives!
For more info WhatsApp us at +94772512374 or email info@vforv.org