Voice Elders Homes

“A Place to Call Home: Our Elders’ Homes”

In a world that constantly evolves, one thing remains unwavering — our deep-rooted respect and care for our elders. As our beloved seniors embark on the golden years of their lives, they deserve nothing but the best in terms of comfort, care, and companionship.

Voice Elders Home is not just a place; it’s a haven, a sanctuary, and a community where seniors can flourish, thrive, and experience a life filled with dignity, happiness, and care. We accommodate 17 elders who have no one to care for them, and with the help of many, we have successfully made it through four years. We encourage those who are able to engage in their hobbies and skills so that some of them may benefit the home in return. The elders are happy to be cared for and receive the warmth of human association. We receive numerous requests to accept many others in the same sorry state, but unfortunately, we have declined many, as we don’t have the means to accommodate them all. As we receive adequate support, we hope to care for more such elders as far as we possibly can.