Voice Walk – Walk against child Abuse – 2013

It is no secret that Child Abuse is on the rise in our country. In most cases, incidents of child abuse are never reported. Hence, the offenders continue to get away with child abuse over and over again. There is also no fund in existence to offer the victims any kind of financial assistance.

Objectives of VOICE WALK 2013

  1. Increase awareness of Child Abuse The inaugural Voice Walk, which took place last year, was a brave step towards raising awareness against child abuse. This year we aim to increase that level of awareness by ensuring adequate media coverage and the joining of several forces.
  2.  To connect different child protection organizations This will be an opportunity for various Governmental organizations and NGOs along with other children’s organizations to unite under one banner. Together, our voice will be louder!
  3.  Form a long-standing alliance among key Individuals Having made the right connections, we intend on forming a panel, consisting doctors, lawyers, police officers, psychologists and advisers who would work together as a team to help abused children.
  4.  Raise Funds to set up a foundation to assist abused children All funds generated through VOICE WALK 2014 will go towards setting up a foundation, the sole purpose of which would be to protect abused children from further abuse and help rehabilitate them. Hence, this year’s walk will affect generations to come.



  • Little Heaven Children’s Ministry
  • NCPA (National Childcare Protection Authority)
  • Women’s and Childcare Bureau
  • Childcare Probation
  • Emmanuel Nursery – Kotte, Shayne Preschool – Madiwela
  • Collage of World Education Interact Club – Colombo
  • Gateway Collage Interact Club – Colombo
  • Bethany Christian Life Centre – Rajagiriya, Negombo, Nittambuwa, Kadawatha
  • Fridsro Children’s Home – Kandy
  • Women’s Development Centre – Kandy
  • New Generation Youth Group
  • Lawyers
  • Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Roman Catholic and Christian Religious Leaders
  • Local Police Authorities




Total Participations

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