Voice Activity Center – Kataragama

In a day & age where technology rules the world it took us by surprise to come across many children who have never sat in front of a computer screen. It was heartwarming to see their amusement & excitement as we opened an IT Center in Katharagama.

As they sat in awe in front of a computer for the first time our eyes were filled with tears of joy to encounter how appreciative these kids were, for them it wasn’t just a computer, it was an opportunity to learn something new, a chance to dream of a better future. The opportunity to learn & grow rarely present itself to these children who live far off the luxuries of Colombo & It is a great honor & a privilege to announce to all of you that we opened our 7th activity center in Katharagama. 

If these children has a desire to learn IT they have to travel over 25 km to do so & we were the first to open an IT center in this vicinity where over 100 children will benefit.

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