Voice Activity Center – Batticaloa


In collaboration with the Bethany Training Institute, plans already in the pipeline for the 2nd institute in Batticaloa. The Activity Center aims to provide government certified skill training and empowerment opportunities to school dropouts, while also offering higher level skill training to youth in order to secure their field of work as well as advance in their current careers and discover different paths in life.

The main purpose of this center is to safeguard and direct children and youngsters who drop out of school and are unemployed in a different path to be financially independent.


One of the most powerful tools for the social and economic progress of a country is quality education. It brings with it equality among people. While privileged people receive international quality education, most underprivileged people fall out because of the inability to afford such expenses.

We are so fortunate to create this opportunity to safeguard the future of many youngsters through providing government certified skill training to youth and empowerment opportunities to school dropouts while also training youngsters to advance in their career.

currently Batticaloa Activity center is up and running, every passing day enrollments are done and classes are taking place.

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