T4T – Today For Tomorrow

“It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” Santosh Kalwar

The savings project is to encourage children to save for their future. Together with NDB Bank and their parents and well wishers.

Most children have high aspiration for their future but as they keep maturing due to their socioeconomic circumstances most of them give up such dreams and settle for second best or nothing at all. It is our vision to help these children pursue their dreams but helping them save today for tomorrow. 

How it will function:

The project works hand in hand with NDB bank who will give 150 children Rs. 250 each to start a savings account and the rest of the 250 will be funded by parents or well wishes. And thereafter for the next number of years till they turn 18 they will be encouraged to save Rs. 500 monthly. 

How you can Contribute

This is where you can step in and help by contributing a onetime gift or a specific amount for however long to help the children save for their future. The end result will be that the children use the money to pursue higher education or vocational training. And indirectly we will be developing the habit to save in their lifestyle as well. You could either deposit money directly to their accounts or you could donate it to the Voice foundation and we will utilize it accordingly among children, you are welcome to gift any amount as you prefer

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