Sport Equipment Aid – Kilinocchi Ootrupulam

Kilinochchi Ootrupulam is a remote village with restricted access due to the lack of transportation avenues. There is no way that any vehicle can enter this village because there is no bridge that connects this village with the main town. People who travel they would leave their vehicles and cross the small bridge (pic one) and then carry the loads by them self and walk. There are close to 78 families living in this village and they are all are victims of past war. Their lives have been heavily affected as a result of this and they are in need of support.

When we first visited them last December to donate school stationeries for 68 children with our “Hope2017” project (pic two ) we found out that there are much more to do in helping them to overcome the current situation. After Speaking with the local Authorities in that village we decided to open an activity center to help children with Education and also through Sports.
After few weeks we manage to raise funds to buy them new sports equipment and it was their first time to play with real sports equipment. Most of these children had never been to a real playground to play with these kinds of sports equipment and it was a heartwarming time to play with them for few hours during our visit to donate these goods.
Furthermore, we have decided to help them construct a new volleyball and netball court in near future and we would like to request your help to reach them and to bring sports as a reconciliation process.


Items Donated:

  • Cricket Bat: 02
  • Wickets set:02
  • Netball: 01
  • VolleyBall: 02
  • FootBall: 02
  • Volleyball Nets
  • Badminton Racket set 01
  • Badminton net, shuttles set:01
  • Carom board: 01
  • Checkers board: 01
  • Balls, skipping ropes other


Estimated budget for the construction of volleyball court: Rs: 45,000/-
Estimated budget for the netball courts poles Rs: 12700/-

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