-Low Commitment HIGH Impact-

“A child is an uncut diamond they say but little do we know about the sufferings many children undergo due to the unfortunate situations they are in, they fade into the shadows mainly due to the lack of basic needs & they lose the chance at shaping their future, a diamond they remain, never revealing their true worth.”

Most of us have encountered the efforts of parents or a guardian towards the wellbeing of their children,

all the hard work they put in just to ensure a brighter future for their children but what about the rest who aren’t as fortunate?

we all know thousands of children lose their way due to the incapacity of meeting basic needs. The situations vary from child to child, the stories we hear break our hearts but the real question is how much of it can WE CHANGE?

Are we really able to add a little light into the darkness? Are we willing to contribute to paving the way for the future of a child who is forgotten, can we start fighting for them?

A little step we take has the power to change a life forever.

Countless numbers of children drop out of school due to the incapability of meeting basic needs

Sometimes the need that’s making such a negative impact on their future is as small as not having a pair of shoes, a school bag to carry books or the stationery needed.

Students with strong intellectual capacity drop out of school without ever having the option of pursuing higher studies due to the lack of financial support.

There are also many kids who are extra ordinarily talented in sports activities but are not given the chance to go forward due to the lack of sports gear, sportswear, sports ground & etc.

Some drop out because of the mental stress & pressure caused due to the responsibilities shouldered at such young age, many children struggle to earn a living to survive along with their families.

Children stay behind & stop schooling to take care of parents who are physically ill or in certain instances to aid siblings who are disabled.

These innocent children go on for days with empty, growling stomachs which naturally causes physical weakness & as a result children are unable to concentrate on studies & attend school regularly.There are little children fighting for their lives in the hospitals due to malnourishment.

How We Intend to Support

  • Support by providing Financial support for Education
  • Building School amenities
  • Libraries
  • Encouraging sports activities & providing means necessary

Mainly by Providing

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Supporting to pursue higher education
  • Providing career objectives


Targeted Area Would Be

  • Schools in rural areas
  • Underdeveloped Villages (Northern & Eastern Provinces)
  • Hospitals
  • Families that require financial aid



JUST Rs. 100/- A WEEK



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Cash / Cheque Donations, please send it to the following account;
Account name; The Voice Foundation
Account number; 101 000 432 815
Bank; National Development Bank (NDB), Battaramulla
Swift code; NDBSLKLX
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