Safe House – A Home Away from Home

Safe House is a concept designed to develop, encourage and enable underprivileged children from marginalized communities to enjoy their childhood in a safe and stimulating environment with access to education and aptitude skills training. The Safe House will operate in cooperation with the Grama Seveka officials, parent(s) or guardian(s) of chosen child, and other external professionals including Doctors, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Teachers and Counselors; to ensure that the best care and support is provided for each child enrolled to the programme. The concept of the Safe House is very simple: Safe House is an establishment where parents/guardians can send their children as a day care facility, so that they can look for employment which they would not have been able to due to no place to keep the child. The safe house will provide these children a safe and stimulated environment where they will have access to food, shelter, nursing, education, and a safe playschool environment. During their time in the Safe House their needs would be met while being equipped and assured to enjoy their childhood on the journey of becoming responsible citizens without the fear of abuse and neglect.

Why Safe House?

Today we witness many children being abused and neglected emotionally, physically, mentally and sexually due to poverty, abandonment and helplessness. It is reported that children who originate from broken families are the most susceptible for child abuse crimes. In poverty stricken areas most parents are compelled to leave their children either with relatives/guardians or unattended while they go to work. It is in such circumstances that neglect and abuse occur, and in most cases repeatedly. Several such incidents are never brought to light due to a lack of a proper legal response to prevent or vindicate minors who have been subjected to abuse or any form of violence. The parents would be Blue Collar workers on daily work which might start early or end late and as a result some of these children have no one to encourage them to go to school, stay in school or help with their studies. Further these unsupervised children are seen loitering the streets and are exposed and vulnerable to the many evils of society. Safe House would be that place the children need, to fill the gap. It would be the place the parents could drop the children off to ensure they are protected, encouraged to stay in school, helped with their studies, looked after, rested and introduced to vocational and other extracurricular activities; the children would return to their homes every day after the parents complete work. Safe House would not only provide the children with their immediate needs but also equip them for a better future.

Temporary Cost and Budget (Per Month)


Price (Rs)

House rent


Water and Electricity


Telephone & Internet Bill


Breakfast (20 children + 5 Staff)


Mid-morning Tea (20 children + 5 Staff)  


Lunch (20 children + 5 Staff)


Evening Snack (20 children + 5 Staff)


Drinking Water











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