Safe House 2 – Madiwela

Safe House is a concept we have developed to assist and support underprivileged children to enjoy their childhood in a safe stimulating environment. Safe House will be working in cooperation with the selected children’s parents or guardians and other external professionals including doctors, nutritionist, psychologist, teachers and counsellors; to ensure that the best care and support is provided to the children.

The concept is very simple: Safe House is an establishment where the children would spend time while their parents go to work. During their time in Safe House their needs would be met while being equipped and empowered to enjoy their childhood on the journey to becoming responsible citizens without the fear of abuse and neglect.


Why Safehouse?

Today we witness many children being abused and neglected emotionally, physically, mentally and sexually due to poverty and helplessness. In the poverty stricken areas most parents are compelled to leave their children either with relatives/guardians or unattended while they go to work. It is in circumstances such as this that neglect and abuse occurs, and repeatedly continues and in most cases due to helplessness it is never brought to light. The parents would be Blue Collar workers on daily work which might start early or end late and as a result some of these children have no one to encourage them to go to school, stay in school or help with their studies. Further these unsupervised children are seen loitering the streets and are exposed and vulnerable to the many evils of society.

Safe House would be that place the children need, to fill the gap. It would be the place the parents could drop the children off to ensure they are protected, encouraged to stay in school, helped with their studies, looked after, rested and introduced to vocational and other extracurricular activities; the children would return to their homes every day after the parents complete work. Safe House would not only provide the children with their immediate needs but also equip them for a better future.


Facilities and services

In order to serve the children Safe house would be a building close to the vicinity of the children’s homes. It would have designated rooms to meet their needs of food, leisure and study along with a spacious garden.
Children would be provided with healthy food free of charge as most children survive on one meal a day. They would be encouraged to freshen up after school and taught the value of hygiene and cleanliness. The Sleeping/ Resting area would be a shared space opened to any child who is tired or would like some quiet time. The Study and Homework area would be used to complete school activities (Homework, projects etc) and the children will receive help and direction with all their academic activities.

Safe house 02 Madiwela is located in a beautiful location near a paddy field in Madiwela and was opened in January 19th 2017. Our aim is for this safe house is to give opportunity for 30 children to safe and quality caring. We are also looking for ways and avenues to provide them free meals and education in order to build them to become better citizens who will be a blessing in return to this nation.


Temporary Budget for one month for 30 kids

House Rent Rs: 40,000/-
Allowance for two care takers Rs: 24000/-
Food for 30 kids (Breakfast X 80/-) Rs: 72000/-
Food for 30 kids (Lunch x 100/-) Rs: 90000/-
Milk powder and Sugar Rs: 19000/-
Utility Rs: 10,000/-
Other: Rs: 6000/-
Total: Rs: 261,000/-

How you can help:

Sponsor a day: Rs: 7868/-
Sponsor a meal: Breakfast Rs: 2400/-, Lunch Rs: 3000/-
Sponsor milk powder per week: Rs: 4750/-
Sponsor the allowance of a caretaker for one month or more
Sponsor a child’s education Rs: 4000/- per month
Contact details:

Name: Little Heaven Pre School and Safe House
Address: 189 Madiwela road, Udahamulla, Nugegoda
Head of the House: Nisansala Sewwandi
Contact Number: 0766071757

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