Damian Dishan De Silva is the senior Pastor of Bethany CLC network. He has been serving in this field for last 17 years. He also served as a personal advisor / coordinator for the social minister in Sri Lanka. He is a leadership trainer and serves the, businessman, cooperate leaders & churches across the country and other nations. He is also the founder of Touch Community Sri Lanka

National Director

Moses Akash is a boy who grew up in an orphanage since he was two weeks… His parent abounded him when he was a baby and his entire life was spent in an orphanage. He is currently the children’s coordinator of little heaven kid foundation and works as the national director of the voice traveling around the country with his amazing story… Currently he works with over 1400 children across the nation and travels overseas for many other programs.


British sculptor Carla Browne first visited Sri Lanka in 2003 and fell in love with the country. Following the December 2004 Tsunami, Carla returned to Sri Lanka to begin an initiative to rebuild Sri Lanka’s destroyed schools by twinning them with schools in England. She moved to Sri Lanka permanently in 2006, selling her home in the UK in order to provide funds to rebuild Neth Savan Sarana. In 2008, Carla registered Children’s hope as formal charity organization.