Navy Officer – Asanka

life has a way of dragging you down to your knees sometimes, the heartaches and difficulties just becomes too hard to handle. This is such a story where Asanka, an ex-navy officer giving it all he has to survive, to get by another day. After losing his sister due to an unsuccessful operation and the heartbreaking news caused the death of their father, all he had left was his dear mother who is now bedridden due to an accidental fall. He was left with all these burdens and without a proper place to call home, without a proper meal to take their hunger away, due to the financial difficulties he was facing.

We were able to relocate Asanka and his mom to a new home, donated a fridge, Tv, gas cooker & dry rations & also was able to purchase a cement brick machine for Asanka to start up his own business and make a stable income.

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