Shelter: Safe House is a concept we have developed to assist and support underprivileged children to enjoy their childhood in a safe stimulating environment. The concept is very simple: Safe House is an establishment where the children would spend time while their parents go to work. During their time in the Safe House, their needs would be met while being equipped and empowered to enjoy their childhood on the journey to becoming responsible citizens without the fear of abuse and neglect.

Education: Through formal and non-formal programs our vision is to provide a quality of life to children from Various backgrounds and empower them to become contributing citizens to society. Every year 2500+ children lives are impacted.

Empowerment – Our multi-faceted training program aims to restore the hurting, empower the oppressed and resource the suffering. Sewing skills, counseling services, and leadership training are provided so that they will earn a living and help their families in the society. Every year 1000+ lives are impacted.

Skill Training: partnering together with Bethany training institution to host computer classes free of charge for children who have dropped out of schools age 14 and above and for underprivileged children. This will help children who go through life without an aim to build up a good career in the IT TRADE. According to the interest and capability of students, the VforV will even provide special scholarships to them to continue their studies in the IT field. Training and classes will be conducted by volunteers.

Advocacy: every child has the right to live in a free and safe environment. Therefore we at voice are taking every step to provide such an environment for our children. Every year we host an awareness walk in collaboration with many other child right activists and organization on different topics and also represents children at courts with the help of other like-minded organizations

Relief and rehabilitation: To the poor who are affected by natural calamities, voice provides blankets, food. Clothing and long-term support to rebuild and restore their livelihoods. These gifts provide a tangible and visual reminder of Christ’s love for human beings created in his own image.




Good Hope is the name given for the widows’ project meaning “we bring good hope to them”, the slogan is “empowering for a self- sustainable tomorrow”. Every year we support over 100 Widows in various ways, (Dry Rations etc.) and also support 12 widows on a monthly basis. Due to many reasons widows and single parents don’t go to work and get held in life, our aim through this project is to support them with employment and provide an opportunity to earn so they can be self-sustainable. The project is led by a “widow providing employment to widows” The products such as bedsheets and carpets they make will be traded in different commercialized locations, items will be exported as well.

In collaboration with the Bethany Training Institute, plans already in the pipeline for the 2nd institute in Batticaloa. The Activity Center aims to provide government certified skill training and empowerment opportunities to school dropouts, while also offering higher level skill training to youth in order to secure their field of work as well as advance in their current careers and discover different paths in life.
The main purpose of this center is to safeguard and direct children and youngsters who drop out of school and are unemployed in a different path to be financially independent.

Here we aid underprivileged children who often come from broken homes or families that are not financially stable. We provide them with basic daily needs, education and a secure environment. these little lives who are most often neglected and disturbed due to their home situation are given the love and attention they seek for.

Currently, there are over 55 kids under our care, we kindly request you to support a kid in need to wake up to a better tomorrow.

We are currently in great need of pampers and sponsorships of 2500/= per child