Dry Ration Donation – Asarana Sarana Home, Nikawaritiya

The “Asarna sarana” home is located in Udahangama- Nikawaratiya. Its a Boys orphanage headed by “Sri Ammbarukkaarama Purana raja maha viharaya”. Currently there are over 35 children. The home is been mainly funded by the people from the Temple who mostly farmers. Due to the issues with no rain and other factors, they are no longer able to fund the children with their meals and we were informed and were requested to help them with dry rations.

After few weeks we managed to raise fund to help the children and the following items were donated to them along with a financial donation. On March 1st we managed to visit the home and donate dry rations and it was a very special moment for all of us. After analyzing the situation and the statest of the home we are planning to help them more by connecting more people to help them and also trying to raise funds to buy the other needful items.


Dry rations donated

  • Rice: 250kg
  • Dhal: 25kg
  • Suge: 30kg
  • Milk powder: 25kg
  • Tea Leaves: 05kg



  • Half size Steel Cupboards: 30
  • Mattresses: 35
  • Bed sheets: 35
  • Pillows 35
  • Pillow Cases: 35
  • Mosquito nets: 35
  • Towel Racks: 35
  • School stationaries
  • School bags
  • School shoes
  • CFL Bulbs 15


Details of the orphanage

Name: Asarna Sarana Boys home
Address: Udahengama, Kotavehera, Nikawaratiya
Contact Number: 0771145831, 072505048
Head of the home: Rev: Sangattikulame Sangarathana Himi

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