Dream Centre


The dream Centre vision is to feed and clothe those who are not having their basic requirements. The dream Centre is to be the connection point to receive aid and thereafter to distribute it.

Why dream center? There are many in our immediate community who are in need of their basic needs of food and clothes. The excess food in hotels and restaurants are thrown away daily. If there was some way of getting this food to those who are in need. We not only minimize the waste but also feed a few hungry people. Similarly if a collection of clothes was made by generous donations which include used and nearly new clothes, these could be distributed once again to the needy.

Facilities and Services In order to serve the children and poor communities, the dream center would be a building located in close proximity to the selected area. It would have designated rooms to meet their needs for food, clothes and other needs. The people would be provided with healthy food, cloths, school stationeries and other necessities depending on the availability free of charge as most families survive on one meal a day. They would be encouraged to come on given dates to come and get whatever that has been prepared for them. The dream center would operate throughout the day 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. It will analyze the needs on each community and set dates for different families to come on a given date and time. This way will minimize the conjunction that could cause due to too much people at one time. We will inform each family to come on a certain day and collect the things they need. Ex: Monday- food, Tuesday-cloths, Wednesday- food Beside from providing the necessities we also looking to take this to next level by providing free medical clinics, awareness programs and other trainings on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be free medical camps for each Saturday depending on the availability. Such as dental clinics, eye clinic, workshops on personal hygiene, HIV, sex education and other selected workshops.

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