Alakolawava Primary School – Mathurta

MATHURATA SCHOOL PLAYGROUND – Their dream, our responsibility.

The children at Alakolawewa Primary School, Mathurata belongs to parents who are farmers, even though their lives are poverty – stricken their dreams are not touched. Upon a visit to this far off school our team realized there is so much talent hidden away. It was eye opening to witness the tenaciousness of these children & how they were able to look past their situations & circumstances. They did not have the luxury of a school playground but they practiced for an all island sports competition running around school buildings & the streets risking their safety & they proudly brought home results of their hard work by winning the 4th place in mixed athletics. 

To appreciate their efforts & to applaud their courage The Voice Foundation was fortunate to take the initiative to build them a brand new School Play Ground which is the only play ground in the entire village.  

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