What is 12 days of Christmas

As you know Christmas is Dawning and the voice foundation is planning 12 Different charity projects to bring joy to people who are living in different parts of Sri lanka. Through these projects voice foundation will reach over 400 families bringing Joy, Hope and support.

Project One : Voice Foundation’s Safe House Concert

12 Days of Christmas

The Annual concert of Voice foundation safe house and little heaven preschool is organised to display the talents of the children who group together at our voice safe house. These children come from extremely difficult and challenging backgrounds. Throughout the year we provide food, shelter, life support and supporting parents to a self sustainable life.
More about safe house – click here
Estimated Cost Rs: 45,000/-
Funds Received : 36,000/-

Project Two : Christmas Dinner for 100 Underprivileged Kids

A special Christmas dinner to be given to 100 underprivileged children whom we supported throughout this year. Most of their parents are laborers who live on their daily income. We are planning to give them a special Christmas Dinner on the 09th Of December.

Estimated Cost Rs: 30,000/-

Project Three : Christmas Fellowship for 40 Korathota Elders Home

The Elders Home in Korathota athurugiriya has 38 Adults who are been left alone or who have been living on the street for many years as beggars. We have carried out several projects to support them including donating Cupboards, Fans, food and other needs. This christmas we are planning to have a special christmas fellowship dinner for them which will also include singing carols with New Generation carol team from Bethany Church Rajagiriya.

Estimated Cost Rs: 30,000/-

Project Four : Appreciation Lunch & Gifts for City Cleaning Families

They are the least appreciated people in our society, imagine what would it be if not for them? Imagine if they stop working for one day, one week or one month. For the 5th consecutive year voice foundation will host a special Lunch and a appreciation day for the people who help us to Keep our city clean and who collect our waste. We are planning to appreciate 300 members from kotte Municipal Council and Colombo Municipal council for the great service they do.

Estimated Cost Rs: 450,000/- (Rs. 1,500 x 300)
Funds Received : 42,000/-

Project Five : Appreciation Lunch & Gifts for 100 Police Officers in Kotte

They are the people who safeguard our city. Who work to keep law and order in this nation. Often many people blame them for what is not happening but imagine a day without them in our city. As a token of Appreciation for their restless service for our city we are hosting a special appreciation day which will include a special Lunch and a token of Appreciation for their service.

Estimated Cost Rs: 150,000/- (Rs. 1,500 x 100)
Funds Received : 0/-

Project Six : HOPE 2018 – School Pack Donation for 1500 Underprivileged Kids

According to unconfirmed stats, over 4000 children dropout from schools in Sri lanka due to the lack of recourses they have to continue studies. HOPE 2018 is a continuous project which we have been carrying out for the last few years. Last few years with Hope projects (Hope 2010, 2015, 2016,2017) we were able to help over 3000 children in 12 districts in Sri Lanka and this year we are planning to support 1500 children providing School bags, Shoes, Uniforms and stationery.

Estimated Cost Rs: 4,500,000/- (Rs. 3,000 x 1500)
Funds Received : 110,000/- & 200 Students sponsorships

Project Seven : “Good Hope” Widows Program for 85 Widows in Colombo

Good hope is a project that we carry out to help widows and single parents to become self sustainable. Throughout the year we support them with fiínces, life skills and other needs. Every month we host a special sale to sell their products to generate an income for them to become self sustainable. This christmas we are planning a special family day for them and also providing them a Dry ration pack worth Rs: 2500/-

Estimated Cost Rs: 212,500/- (Rs. 2,500 x 85)
Funds Received : 150,000/-

Project Eight : Widow’s Program for 100 Widows in Eravur, Batticaloa

A special fellowship day is organised for widows who were affected by the past war in Sri Lanka. We are planing to provide them a dry Ration pack worth Rs. 3,000/-

Estimated Cost Rs: 300,000/- (Rs. 3,000 x 100)
Funds Received : 0/- & Pledges up to Rs: 50,000/-

Project Nine : Christmas Fellowship Day, School Pack Donation for House Hope Care Home

A special fellowship day is organised for 12 children in House of Hope children home. We are also planning to provide them a school pack which includes a school bag, Shoes, Uniform Materials and stationeries. These kids speak all three languages and are very good in studies.

Estimated Cost Rs: 50,000/-

Project Ten : Christmas Fellowship Day for Fridsro Children’s Home

A special Christmas fellowship day is organised for 70 children in fridsro children’s home, a Special Christmas Dinner is planned to celebrate christmas on December 24th.

Estimated Cost Rs: 50,000/-

Project Eleven : “Secret Santa” Supporting 50 Needy Children

50 children have been selected from Different Families in colombo who are in need and who are very good in studies. We are planning to surprise them with a special gift which will enable them to continue their studies. Shhh.. it’s a Surprise.

Estimated Cost Rs: 100,000/-
Funds Received : 7,000/-

Project Twelve : Bethany Voice International School

The new school project will launched in this December to Construct an international School in Batticaloa providing Education for many hundreds of children. The Laying of the Foundation Stone is due on January 2018 and the school is scheduled to open in January 2019

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